NHL Lake Tahoe event puts new twist on outdoor hockey.

The NHL has dropped the puck in some of the most recognizable outdoor venues in sports. Wether it be Fenway Park or the Big House the NHL's biggest stage always seems be created when the game is it is taken back outdoors and reconnected with its original roots. The NHL is planning to do exactly that, with a twist.

The NHL has confirmed that two outdoor games will take place this February, however the back drop will not be a stadium used to hosting thousands of screaming fans. Instead the games will be set on the South Shore of lake Tahoe and instead of fans the game will be played in front of trees and mountain. Head to the link below for all of the details.


• Colorado Avalanche VS Vegas Golden Knights (February 20th 3:00 PM)

• The Boston Bruins VS Philadelphia Flyers (February 21st 3:00 PM)

Full Link Story: https://www.nhl.com/news/nhl-lake-tahoe-outdoor-games-new-twist/c-320186268